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Common types
Regal Pelargonium - Edwards Silver Eyes
Regal Pelargonium Edwards Silver Eyes

Pelargoniums are water-wise, colourful plants. There are hundreds of different varieties.

REGAL PELARGONIUMS (botanical name Pelargonium Domesticum)
These have large, azalea-like flowers from Spring to Autumn.

Zonal Pelargonium - Dagmar Murray
Zonal Pelargonium Dagmar Murray

ZONAL PELARGONIUMS (botanical name Pelargonium Hortorum)
The plants that many people call Geraniums. Most have a dark horse-shoe shaped zone shoe on the leaves. The flower head is comprised of many small, individual flowers, and with care will flower for most of the year in Australia.

Ivy Pelargonium - Sybill Holmes
Ivy Pelargonium Sybill Holmes

IVY PELARGONIUMS (botanical name Pelargonium Peltatum)
Those that trail in hanging baskets, or can trained to grow upwards over a support. Note that over-watering ivies can result in small “nodules” appearing on the leaves, caused by individual cells bursting when they become water-logged.

Scented Leaf Pelargonium - Mabel Grey
Scented Leaf Pelargonium Mabel Grey

There is a wide variety of these and the perfume is released when touched or watered.  Some are used in the perfume industry.

Pelargonium Ardens
Pelargonium Ardens

These are crosses between two species plants, or between one species and another already-crossed Pelargonium. 'Ardens' in a beautiful example of this.

Pelargonium echinatum
Pelargonium echinatum (species)

P. ECHINATUM is often called Sweetheart Pelargoniums for the crimson, heart-shaped markings on the white petals, which change colour as they age. The stems appear to be spiny because the dried stipules remain, but are not prickly. These are dormant during the hot weather, but resprout when the weather cools in autumn.

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